Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Challenge is in the costume... BRING IT ON!!!

I L-O-V-E Halloween! It is my favorite day of the year.  It unravels my creativity like a steam roller pushing tar on a city street filled with holes! Some other years I've been busy and rather completed or bought costumes at the stores but it all depends on the main vibe or idea for that year. I remember one memorable year that I made two superheroes costumes for my girls. Lavagirl (Yes, "Sharkboy & Lavagirl", Taylor Lautners a.k.a. "Jacob" debut movie) and Violet (The Incredibles).  It was just because they looked so much alike at that moment... what can I say, they are my dress up dolls. Both of them turned out super (get it.. superheroes). Lavagirl had this structured overall with a foamy shell over dance clothes, red flame hair and control enhanced forearm cover... excellent. For Violet I made black shinny underwear (Please.. let hope it's not a trend through her life) belt, gloves, mask and over the knee boot-like shoe covers to complete the costume. I loved making every stitch.
After that adventure, we settled years after with store bought from dark goth cheerleaders with a werewolf for a patriarch to cartoon characters like Flapjack and Coraline, also gave me the opportunity (and long lived fantasy) to wear my pointy ears and uniform as a vulkan member of the starship Enterprise. Yes, I'm a Trekkie (I differ with the term Trekker since I have been programmed with it since almost bitrth, Hail Gene Roddenberry!). This year I have to thank comicons and anime for the inspiration and challenges before me. We've been attending those kinds of activities (thanks for the teenager scoff) and I have to tell you the truth, I'm hooked. I'm hooked on the art, the weird stories and conceptions but most of all the way young people put themselves in these super weird but sometimes awesomely intricate costumes.

This year, I proudly announce Hit Girl and Blue Lightning (fictional but possible counterpart).
I know, I know....   Kick Ass is a very violent and bloody movie but it's so "I cannot look away from the action" movie, I just couldn't resist. Plus, it's got Nicholas Cage in it! I love the guy.. he's crazy..  right down my alley.

It's decided so let's get a move on. I did my research on the web and discovered that there are NO MORE HG costumes available, not that I was going to spend $70.00+ dollars in a cheaply made costume. So the experimenting began. It was a little challenging to get some fabric that looked like dark lilac leather and purple plaid but with a little ingenuity and good shopping skills, the bets are on me. I won't give more details on my posts so the next one is going to be the finished project. Just like I used to say to my boss "give me a challenge", there is nothing better and cheaper to boost your self esteem than an enjoyable challenge, lots of enthusiasm and fun. Skills help too. And if it doesn't work out as well... she'll have a new funky set of pajamas.

So.... Bring it on!!!

PS:  If you're wondering, this year I'm recycling my costume. My handy dandy velvety cloak (so I'm veeery comfortable underneath) and of course, pointy ears... again.  I'm the b*%^%ch witch.  Hey! someone has to be the villain.

Leave a comment and tell me what are you planning to be this Halloween. Love to hear ideas and suggestions, the more inexpensive, the better.

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