Saturday, August 29, 2009

My favorite time of the year isn't Christmas anymore..

Some people are elated when spring have sprung. Some can't wait for a tasty Thanksgiving dinner. Some start planning for the next summer vacation as soon as they come back and put some aloe on their sunburns. Not me. My favorite time of the year is when school starts. I don't mind waking up at 5:00 am, running frantic around the house looking for missing shoes or homework (sometimes both), getting stuck in morning traffic or even last minute supply shopping (when they remember, usually 5 minutes before the store closes). Not me. I celebrate the first day of school, but I shouldn't start Mom's Happy Hour too early. That's the time when stay at home moms (or dads) have therapy time. You can watch your favorite show while folding the laundry or even not turning on the tv at all and just enjoy the silence. Sweet silence.

This summer has been very busy, didn't go anywhere. Had a graduation in May, recuperation and preparation for out of town guests in June and entertaining those guests in July. But before school started I managed to redecorate a teenagers bathroom (with thing I made, watch for my next post!) and transform a "catch all" room into a classy teenagers bedroom, all of it with a recession budget. The need to separate sibling was imperative. By the time school started, she had her bedroom and I needed a vacation. I am very proud of what I did. Finally I could put to use all those home decorating programs I religiously watch and at the same time save some money.

Now, I can enjoy a bird chirping filled morning producing cool craft project and on my graphic design business. By the time I have to pick up the kids at school is like a bucket of ice water splashed on my head. Me time is over. Snacks/check, homework/check, after school sports/ohhh boy check, dinner/ahhhggg check, showers and being on bed by 9:00 pm/Thank God! check. I dvr my shows (Project runway.. a must) because by the first half hour I'm in lalaland on a deep sleep. But you know... I like the structure. I feel like I'm accomplishing more in the morning than any other time of the day. Me time is invaluable time. Once I evaluated the idea about home schooling because I spent more time doing homework with them, but that would result in 0 time for me. And if mamma ain't happy, somebody's gotta pay. And in this economy... that's not gonna happen.

This brings me to a new and exciting venture. I will soon announce my grand opening of my new etsy store.
I have a couple of great needs. The need to be creative and the need to produce money. You will see more reviews of items I've made and currently on sale on So if you want to try make them.. please be my guest. I love sharing information and tips from other crafters. Long live school days!

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