Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunny side up!

Wow! Who says daily routine is boring? I'm so sorry I haven't been able to write for a while, but Hey! I cannot please everyone. I wish I could, so to be able to keep up with them, I have to keep ME up. That's when I go out for a couple of hours and spend them by myself, hooked on my iPod, staring at peoples faces as they pass me on the mall. At least is an economical way to have therapy.  I love to listen to podcasts. I have a nice collection of audio and video podcasts that go from how to manage your money to how to manage your honey, from crafting to cooking (and I need help with that one) and many radio shows from popular authors from Hay House publishers. One of my favorite authors is intuitive Colette Baron-ReidShe is a intuitive counselor who's just came out of the "medium closet" (as she says) who is very down to earth on her advice but also has a very knowledgeable way to teach you how we are connected (in everyday common occurrences) to a higher power or spirit (whichever your religious denomination may be). She devours many books by many authors in her quest for knowledge. Plus, she's a very funny gal. I met her on a conference in 2007 and I've listened to her podcasts ever since. 

One thing that has a playlist by itself on my iPod is her meditations. I would do them on those hours I spend on myself at the mall, but I'm afraid people would think I fell asleep on the bench. So, I treat myself at home. There's a big variety of free guided meditations that leaves you wanting for more. 
But recently she made a beautiful meditation in conjunction with David Sereda called 
"Sound of the Sun Meditation", 
(available at the music store on her website).  Mr. Sereda is a well known scientist, engineer, ecologist and mystic who contributed in trying to test a hypothesis (with Saida Medvedeva, Producer of the russian film “Water, The Great Mystery") by exposing water and the human body to the sound of the sun recorded by NASA. This is quite parallel to the studies made by Dr. Masaru Emoto  in the projection of intention and feelings on the water and studying their crystals before and after. The purpose in these studies is to enhance the well being of living organisms since we are basically made out of water. Imagine the possibilities! Both studies are very, very interesting.  

Did I mention that Collette Baron-Reid is a recording artist? Sorry for that ADD moment. Well, this meditation was created as a total relaxation tool and has beautiful music (created by her) so refreshing that is just like you were in a spa.  My girls love it when I use it. They know is my sacred "time out".  They look at me, trying to figure me out. Then I smile, they smile back.... now they know that is safe to talk to me and they have to thank Colette for that.

Click here for more information on the Analysis of the Sound of the Sun water crystals and meditation.

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