Monday, February 9, 2009

No Paparazzi! Please!

Kids are wonderful. I just love to replay all the things that my mother did for me. Sew her dresses, make costumes, teach them how I learned from my mom (and grandma). Those make for what we call "Kodak Moments".  And in the first chance we get to embarrass them, we definitely go for it. So, I was going to show the crochet cap I knitted over a couple of "school duty " days but my model was a tough one. Impatient and cranky, she fled the shooting. "No more pictures! No Paparazzi please!..".  Those were the words of my Miley wannabe when I was trying to get my 25th shot of her head. So, what was I going to do? The obvious... chase her around taking flash pictures in her face and making her life miserable. Like the paparazzi she secretly fantasize with.  What? I will only have her home until she goes to college! 
Well, in the other hand I have to thank her, she's the one that will wear everything and anything (sometimes at the same time) if it's pretty and chic. Don't get me wrong.. she's got style... it's just, too forward. 
Anyway, this cute hat was made with regular crochet thread 
(Fushia) starting with a circle made of chain stitch and double crochet, adding 2 stitches per stitch 
for about 3 rows. After that I continued double crochet in every 3 stitches and when you 
are starting to get to the hairline, on every stitch, reduce (evenly distributed) 4 stitches in each row until you reach the length desired. On the last 2 rows I used single crochet to make kind of an edge to the rim. I really eyeballed this piece so no complete set of instructions are included here. 
Sorry. I'm one of those who skips the manual until completely confused. Then I open the instructions. If you want a complete set of instructions go to this link:   where you'll find a pattern for a similar crochet hat. Remember that this is an open stitch for a cool hat. Cool like in light, fresh, not cooking skulls here hat. The pattern in the link is made of wool and is a close stitch for the winter type of hat.  Much of the wearables knitted here (in the island) are open stitches so it's breezy and cool. I'm lucky. If there is money involved, she'll wear it, at least for a moment. But I don't care if I get blackmailed. There are pictures taken, videos filmed, ready to resurface at any given time, whenever she least expect it.  Maybe to a future boyfriend. Sweet Karma.

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