Saturday, January 24, 2009

My iPod's got back!

Now you can show off your back side!  Your iPod's back. 
I was looking for a nice and different gift for my husband and since he couldn't get his hands off my iPod classic, it was time he got his own (and leave mine alone). While shopping the online Apple store I notice that you can engrave a message but your limited to 2 lines and no fonts to choose from.. lame... plain... plain is not in my vocabulary. So I started searching for something to make my gift special. I stumbled upon this site that makes custom etching for iPods, computers, cell phones... you name it.  It's called Etchstar.  You can choose one of the hundreds of designs they have or you can upload your own design.  I decided to buy the iPod with them since the price and warranty are the same as the Apple store.  But if you just want the etching, they send you a prepaid shipping kit, you send it via FedEx and they return it with the shipping you chose. 
There are 2 finishes for etching, brushed metal etches are light and the for the shiny polished metal, they have to use a special method that makes the etching black.  Different charges (from $40-160) apply for different types of items, service and uploading. 
I decided to make a drawing (they need it to be vector based) of my girls on the back.  It turned out gorgeous!  But that's not the best thing (at least for us artist) you can get paid for it. Yes. If you contribute with an artwork, they pay you 10% of the etching fee if somebody etches your artwork.  Hey , is not about the money (...yeah right) it's about exposing your art and some self promotion (again... the money). But also, the service is excellent, they made everything happen. Check out the artwork in this site, you'll want everything etched. 
So, now I have my iPod safe and secured in my hands, without a scratch in it. His iPod, also safe, for now...   yes I threatened him with murder. 

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