Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You say Tomato.. I say tomato... What the hell? It's spelled the same!

Some say "toe-MAY-toe", others say "toe-MAH-toe", either way you're never sure if it's a fruit or a vegetable... you just eat it. That happens also with people. Some are very practical and others thrive for functionality. And I, as a person that doesn't like confrontations or imbalance (ohhh Libra) do my best to please everyone. This brings me to my favorite project "fun with fruit"(cheesy title...get it?).
I was looking through books at Borders when I found this one that had only crochet food. From fruits and vegetables to junk food, anything you can think of. Then I saw one of my favorites food groups: PopTarts. I still buy them for my girls (yeahhh right) and they haven't changed a bit. The only one that has, thanks to them, is my waistline. Flipping further, one of my daughters saw her favorite: Sushi. Right there I discovered my next project. I read along and hurried home to start right away. They turned out super nice. But then, my functional side said: "Now... they are good for....? Nothing? I won't believe that! So I started brainstorming and figured that the PopTart would do a nice iPod cover... that one was easy. Minor alterations were needed and soon the first PopTart was being used by my daughter. Go figure. But then I took a long look at the sushi. It turned out beautifully; I had a blast making them; my daughter loved them but since I didn't like sushi I didn't know what to do about it.  The only thing I knew was that my daughter wanted them. That's when I had to put my foot down. I'm creating items for my Etsy store (Yes it's OPEN... Yeahhh!) and she wants everything. I felt so used.

But something funny happened days later when I go to my favorite metaphysical store GAIA* to get some crystals for my crochet crystal bags (Listing # 34102206 , # 34099824). I proudly showed my friend Tere, the owner, all the things I've done and the ones that I'm working on. She gave me compliments one after another until I took out the sushi. "Ohhh it's sooo cute " she said, great, but the next thing that she said would floor me. "What's it for?" she asked. I went blank. I started to look around the place and around my body looking for places to put it. Then my transparent being opened my mouth- "I'm not sure, but I had a blast making them and I don't even like sushi" I said with a smile.

Probably, I looked like a weirdo, but I truly had fun doing them, and when you create things you love doing, they become impregnated with great positive vibrations. I know somebody will love them (Thanks Mellissa : sushi)  as much as I (and my sushi less daughter) do. That's the secret about my work. No matter if it's a functional PopTart lover (Thanks Jill) or a slice of crochet pizza that hangs over your desk, there's plenty of love to go around.

FYI: To•ma•to is a pulpy fruit that is typically eaten as a vegetable. They must be Libra.

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*And my favorite Metaphysical store : Gaia... movimiento positivo : Ave. Hostos #432, San Juan, PR. 00918 Tel: 787-405-2971 email: gaiasanapr@hotmail.com

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