Friday, January 1, 2010

I.V. lines are not for knitting

The shopping absurdity of December is starting to make me think of what the holidays are all about, family. No, I didn't take that from a Hallmark card. For me shopping is like going hunting, challenging and full of gratification (when you get stuff at more than half price yey!). But this year was different. The month began with a lot of planning, presents and decorating... until that december night (screeching halt!). Early in December I sent the proper evaluations to Santa to start running the operation, you know, put a good word to the jolly fluffy guy and start with the celebrations. This year,  I evoked the Martha in me, thinking of trying my luck making cookies to share with my girls teachers. All the Christmas cheer was literally starting to get into my skin. I started the celebrations by going on a date with my hubby to a concert. Before dropping the girls at their grandma's I felt a sharp sting on my right buttock (love the word.. butt-ocks). "What an angry mosquito" I thought. Little that I knew I was soon be visiting the hospital with a giant infection that looked like a third buttock (butt-oks butt-ocks  ;D). There I was, with my butt in the air and with every passing moment, losing my Christmas spirit and my dignity as well. I could have asked my husband to bring my knitting ammunition since I was going to spend some time there, but I passed because I was hooked on antibiotics intravenously. I must have been really sick. I may not be hyperactive, but in that bed, my mind really was,  plus the medication.. I was in hyperdrive. I saw shapes coming out of my curtain patterns, and little bunnies from the holes in the ceiling panels. Then my attention shifted to the clear liquid bag and the little plastic tubes filled with liquid, transparent and crystal like. They were my curvy icicles. They had the same width and flexibility as yarn. Could it be knitted? Could I be so bored to think that IT could be knitted? We'll see.

My stay at Chateu Saint Francis (San Francisco Hospital) wasn't long enough to get into my nerves but I was anxious to get back to normal. So I thought. I had my little own hospital in my house, 6 more days of IV antibiotics and my own hanging pole plus a hole in my butt cheek that made me wrap in plastic every time I wanted to take a shower. When the 6 days were over and the needle was taken out I felt like cuffs were taken off. YES. I was free! I could Knit!!! The male nurse that came every day to fill my prescription gave me a weird look when I asked if I could keep the tubes. OK???? he said, not asking for what I wanted it for.  That's a very intelligent man.

I thought that if I filled the tubes with water, they would stay a bit stiffer and could do some kind of stitch or knot that would resemble a weave. Sometimes our ideas look great in our dreamy little heads but when taken into action could be a disaster. I took a small towel just in case I messed up... that was the smartest thing that came out of this clinical boredom. I tested knot after knot and every time I was being showered with my intentions. None of it landed on the towel (thanks a lot Murphy's law). Nope, this one is for "craftfail". It looked like a mess of tubes with no use for it what so ever (again with the "it's a good idea but...). I thought of filling it with colored water and maybe glitter but I lost all confidence. I let it go.

I continued my merry holiday taking it easy because I still have an open wound, which is getting smaller by the day (yey me!!). I'm sure I'll be up and literally running within the next couple of weeks (thanks to the yearly promise of getting in shape and lose a couple of pounds). I've already pimped out my workspace so all I have left is to be like NIKE and just DO IT. I'll do take better care of myself, I'll do keep thing running smoothly, I'll do prepare myself for the unexpected. We think that we're indestructible... Hey!  I still don't know what bit me but it was sure smaller than me and the bacteria was... well you know. But I take this as an opportunity to see ourselves and our families and work together when an emergency shows up. Gratitude, appreciation and pride are traits that have to be acknowledged every day... not to be discovered at a moment of need. I'm immensely grateful to my husband for all his care (BTW.. he's an excellent nurse), proud of my children who worked together (without bickering... that I know of) and I appreciate much, much more all the people that helped me and wished me well. We can accomplish a lot of thing with love and dedication and what we cannot do, we just put it aside, let our frustration go and keep doing what we were doing.... just like knitting IV lines... they are not meant to be knitted.

Happy New Year!!!! 2010
Arthur C. Clarke was wrong.... this is nothing like Space Odyssey:2010
I wish that every one has a great year filled with love, health, happiness, work and lots quality time to spend with our friends and family. Hug, dance, work, sing, give and be thankful.

Pilar Gonzalez

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  1. Love your blog. CAn't wait for more..!! Happy New Year..

  2. I remember that sting when it happened to me.
    By the way... please make me some art for a spot on my blog, so folks can click your way, won't you? Or do you want me to make one up (that would be interesting... :) Muahahahaha!)